Make Your Own Favorite Brand Name Protein Bars At Home

Learn how to make homemade protein bars that are just like your brand name favorites. Cliff Bars, Oh Yeah Bars, Pure Protein Bars and more! Only healthier, using all natural ingredients. For less than $1 per bar!


Are you frustrated that you can’t find great tasting, healthy protein bars because all your store bought options are too expensive and full of preservatives and sugar?

Are you sick and tired of trying to find great homemade protein bar recipes that actually work, are cost effective and taste great?

Well you’re not alone.

My name is Karen and I am a health conscious mountain biking enthusiast that helps people to create healthy, preservative free homemade protein bars to take out on a hike, have after a workout or just keep in the fridge as a healthy snack for anytime.

homemade protein bar  homemade protein bars  homemade protein bars

I, like you, have spent years looking for great tasting options that would allow me to finally have the snack I want without all the preservatives and sugar that are added to many of the packaged protein bars these days. Some don’t have much more nutritional benefit than a candy bar!

In fact many protein bar ingredients are downright dangerous.

Have you ever looked into the potential health effects of some of the added ingredients such as aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame potassium, malitol syrup, sorbitol or high fructose corn syrup?? Here are just a few..

    • weight gain
    • depression
    • insomnia
    • headaches
    • nausea, bloating, gas and diarrea
    • panick attacks and anxiety
    • heart pulputations and
    • vision problems!!!

So after finding out about all those nasty, health destroying ingredients I first tried searching for healthy, preservative free packaged bars but they were so expensive! Especially my favourites. I couldn’t afford to buy these everyday! And so I didn’t know what to do until finally I realised…..

Why not make your own Protein Bars at home!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA homemade protein bars

One way to deal with the inflated prices and potentially unhealthy contents of many of the commercial protein bars is to make them yourself, at home.

Protein Bars just like store bought favourites, such as Oh Yeah Bars, Cliff Builders Bars, Pure Protein Bars, PR Bars, Core Pro Bars and Power Bar Protein Plus, but with all natural ingredients and made at just a fraction of the cost. I know that’s what I decided to do.

 Brand bars

At first I was encouraged by the dozens of websites offering ‘free’ recipes for homemade protein bars. I downloaded a bunch of them and was really excited at the prospect of making my own bars – not just for me but for my family and friends too. Until I got started.

That’s when I discovered a couple of unfortunate things about many of the online homemade protein bar recipes. First, many of the sites offered the same recipes; there was no variety and many of them just tasted awful! But worse, the instructions that came with the recipes were so bad, the results weren’t just disappointing, they were downright inedible…

These protein bar recipes dont work, the results are downright inedible!!

homemade protein bars


I purchased other so-called experts poorly written ebooks with a couple of pictures, however they all left me with a lot more questions than answers. And I wanted to be able to make bars that tasted like my favorites I could buy at the store. I wanted to make Oh Yeah Bars and Cliff Builders Bars but I couldn’t even find a bad recipe to try to make those types of protein bars.

Well I was pretty disappointed by the third rate results I got from my free recipes and cheap ebooks, to say the least. But instead of giving up, I decided that since I couldn’t find the homemade protein bar recipes that I wanted….

homemade protein bars


I’d just have to develop great tasting protein bar recipes for my favorite brand protein bars myself!


Well it took months to compile and test my homemade protein bar recipes, I made heaps of different bars, different flavors I liked– and I threw a lot of them out because they just didn’t measure up. But I kept testing and tweaking, throwing out the bad recipes and working on the good ones – until before I knew it I had developed homemade protein bar recipes for all your favorite store bought bars!!

how to make protein bars homemade protein bars



All your favourite store bought bars made at a fraction of the cost with all natural ingredients!


Finally I was satisfied that I had created the best and most extensive collection of healthy, preservative free homemade protein bars that I could share with family and friends, and boy were they ever a hit!!


I’ve filled over 20 pages with the exact information you need to ensure you don’t ever have to buy those expensive pre-packaged protein bars again! Plus, now included are over 20 quality photos of my homemade protein bars!!

homemade protein bar

Wouldn’t you love to be able to make  these great tasting protein bars yourself?

Now, making homemade protein bars is not overly complicated. I can teach anyone with the desire to learn however this ebook makes it super easy with step by step instructions. When your ready to create your own healthy, great tasting homemade protein bars that your family and friends will love, what you need is a resource that doesn’t just give copies of the same old recipes that everyone else has freely available online.

We all know these never work out tasting great and so what’s the point of using the same old recipes everyone else is using? And plus you probably have your favourite store bought bars right?

Wouldn’t you love to make them at home for a fraction of the of the cost, no preservatives and healthier ingredients? What you need is some real tips and sound advice so you can figure out how to…. 

    • Impress even the fussiest eaters using easy to follow instructions to create delicious protein bars
    • Enjoy sustained energy throughout your workout by understanding the benefits of some of the superfoods we have added to our protein bars and knowing when to use them in your own recipes as well.
    • Easily avoid the potentially damaging effects of the chemicals and high sugar content of packaged, store bought protein bars.
    • Discover the thrill of being able to share delicious homemade protein bars with your family and friends while secretly knowing they are actually full of nutritious ingredients and good for their health.
    • Enjoy a great tasting protein bar that literally increases your health while you eat it by knowing how to add all the best ingredients together in just the right way!
    • Treat your loved ones to a yummy, nutritious snack
    • Easily create any flavor homemade protein bar by understanding how to substitute different ingredients and how to make vegan options for the recipes.


homemade protein bars








homemade protein bar








homemade protein bar









If you were to try all the recipes I’ve tried, experimented with all the different ingredients and combinations I’ve experimented with….. you could easily spend over $100 before you even manage to make an edible bar. Depending on the value you place on your time… your investment to learn what I’ve learnt could even be in the thousands of dollars!!!

 Want to Save Money?

That is why the powerful secrets, tips and techniques I have carefully laid out in my illustrated e-book “ Top Secret Protein Bar Recipes – How to Make the Most Popular Brands Right at Home”  would be a huge bargain at a price of $49.95 or even $69.95…. Just a fraction of the costs I’ve incurred.

And with store bought protein bars costing up to $4 or $5 per bar, you would have made your money back after making just a few of the homemade protein bar recipes. No usually I sell this package for $34.95. But if you order NOW, I’m offering you everything you need to fastback you way to being a protein bar creation master, essential for your success for the unbelievable price of just $19.97. That’s less than $1 a day for one month and you will have the resources you need to make delicious, healthy homemade protein bars all year!

“you literally have NOTHING to lose when you try these recipes!”

What People Are Saying!

“These recipes are fantastic! Karen has managed to come up with affordable and healthy (did I mention tasty?!) protein bars that are easy to make. This ebook will be a staple in my kitchen from now on.”

April Lebedoff, Vancouver Canada


homemade protein bars





homemade protein bars

“I was very impressed with all the information on natural ingredients one could use with these bars. Love the idea of no baking and minimal equipment making it very simple for ideas while away travelling or camping outdoors.”

Diane Hume,           Perth Australia



“I am so happy about the amount of money I am saving now that I am no longer buying so many protein bars at the health store! Thanks Karen these recipes have helped me to create great tasting, healthy protein bars, and I have even started now experimenting with my own favourite flavours!

Shannon Mann,      Perth Australia


homemade protein bars







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So get started making nutritious homemade protein bars today!

The choice is yours. You either want to stop buying the same protein bar flavours over and over that are expensive and not much better for you that a candy bar or you don’t, good luck with whatever it is that you choose to do.

But if you’re serious about wanting to make your own protein bars at home, then you really only have one choice. Whip out your wallet and invest the $19.97. You’ve literally got NOTHING to lose. But remember…. …the longer you wait, the more money you will be wasting on store bought bars. Completely unnecessary.

So lets get started! Remember: If your not thrilled with my recipes, tips and techniques, just jet me know within the next 90 days, pay nothing, and keep the bonus package – that’s a guaranteed gain, no matter what you decide.

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To your success…

Karen Wojciechowski – Chief Trainer at

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